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Constant pain can affect many areas of life:

Pain can have a negative impact on overall well-being, reduces the quality of sleep, it affects sentiment and can reduce (mental and physical) capabilities.

The Pain Center Schmerzzentrum am Kunstmuseum Basel in the center of Basel is specialised in the problems of pain.


At the outset of each treatment, a comprehensive clarification and diagnosis will be conducted, followed by an individual therapy plan.

Information about the cause, type of pain and extent of expected pain relief is a crucial part of the treatment. As a patient you are in an intensive and active dialogue with the doctor, since we are convinced that teamwork is the optimal prerequisite for a sustainable success. The treatment plan is developed in close consultation with the patient.

Here are some examples of the types of pain which can be treated in the Pain Center Schmerzzentrum am Kunstmuseum Basel:

Migraine, chronic headache

Backpain and vertebral column pain

Joint pain

Postoperative pain and after fractures

CRPS (formerly known as Morbus Sudeck's disease)

Degenerative pain diseases

The Pain Center Schmerzzentrum am Kunstmuseum Basel settles its accounts via the basic insurance, the so-called TARMED.

Fields of expertise

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Migraine, chronic headache

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Backpain and vertebral column pain

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Joint pain

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